What is SSMP?
SSMP is the acronym for Sewer System Management Plan.

What is the purpose of a SSMP?
A SSMP is a comprehensive plan which includes provisions to
provide proper and efficient management, operation, and
maintenance of sanitary sewer systems, while taking into
consideration risk management and cost benefit analysis.
Additionally, a SSMP must contain a spill response plan that
establishes standard procedures for immediate response to an SSO
(sanitary sewer overflow) in a manner designed to minimize water
quality impacts and potential nuisance conditions.

What are the components of the SSMP?

  1. Goal
  2. Organization
  3. Legal authority
  4. Operation and maintenance program
  5. Design and performance provisions
  6. Overflow emergency response plan
  7. FOG control program
  8. System evaluation and capacity assurance plan
  9. Monitoring, measurement, and program modifications
  10. SSMP program audits
  11. Communication program

The components of the SSMP can be viewed at the District office.  
Any comments to the development, implementation, and
performance to the SSMP are welcomed.  Please forward your
comments to ssmp