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Sewer Permits

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A Sewer Permit is required for sewer improvements, repairs, and connections to the District sewer system. The sewer permit process is initiated with the Sewer Permit Application and is finalized with an approved inspection. All permits require a field inspection by the District.  

New services are NOT to be connected to the sewer system prior to obtaining a Permit.

The following are the steps to the permit process:

  1. Complete and submit a Sewer Permit Application, along with payment of sewer fees. (Download the "Sewer Permit Application" PDF file located below). Please note that ALL information must be entered to process the application.
  2. Submit the application, with payment of fees, to the District office. (Sewer fees include a permit fee, capacity fee, and a line charge if applicable).
    Permit Fee   = $100 (includes up to 2 inspections)
    Capacity Fee = $9,308 per SFRE commencing July 1st 2023. (The SFRE varies on the user classification listed in the  "SFRE Capacity Fee" file. Download the "SFRE Capacity Fee" file below to obtain the SFRE per classification.)
    Line Charge  = Varies on location of development. Please contact the District to determine if a line charge is applicable.
    Payment of sewer fees shall be made by cash or check only. 
  3. The District will process the Sewer Permit Application and issue a Sewer Permit. 
    The Sewer Permit will be sent via e-mail to the "Contact E-mail" information listed in the application or  in person at the at time of payment.
    Review the Permit to verify all the provided information is correct. Please contact the District if revisions are needed.
  4. Complete and submit a Sewer Inspection Request
    Download the "Sewer Inspection Request" file below and complete.
    Submit request to List the permit number in the e-mail subject line. (Note that the request can be sent automatically if using the "online submittal" below). All information must be entered to process the request.
  5. The District will perform the inspection.
    The inspection result will be sent via e-mail to the "Contact E-Mail" provided in the request. If the inspection was not approved, a new "Sewer Inspection Request" will need to be completed and resubmitted.  After two "failures" an addittional permit fee will be required.

The Sewer Permit Application, SFRE Capacity Fee and Sewer Inspection Request can be downloaded here:

SFRE Capacity FeeSewer Permit ApplicationSewer Inspection Request to print, complete and email

Please contact the District if you have any questions. 


NORSD inspects sewer laterals from point of connection at the structure(s) to the point of connection to the lateral near the property line. 

To perform this inspection the entire lateral and cleanouts being inspected must be in place and exposed.




Sewer Inspection Request Form (online submittal)

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